Version 3 beta

Version 3 of openrunner is here!

On the menu, a brand new design, new features, expanded documentation and, of course, bug fixes.

You can now plot your routes using full screen mode, which makes the experience of route creation easier and more comfortable. Another new and useful feature for hikers is the display of the UTM grid on the bottom of the IGN map.

Discover and test this new version for yourself, and please leave your comments on the openrunner blog.

This version aims to be more user-friendly and ergonomic. The tools for sharing and exchanging routes are now more accessible; while the comments area and scoring of routes are now more clearly displayed. Users are encouraged to participate in the improvement of openrunner by sharing their feedback on the routes, adding comments, ratings and descriptions.

Associations, club and race organizers can now have their routes stamped with their logo, embed their routes on their websites, advertise their events on openrunner, and benefit from the services and the popularity of openrunner as a great promotion tool.

Finally, a little look back: it’s now 5 years since openrunner was born. Over the years, the project has grown in pace with user needs, always trying to be as responsive as possible. Today more than 110,000 people have created a user account and saved more than a million routes. Thank you for your support and keep it up!

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