Print out a route

You can choose from two functions to display a print preview of one or more routes on the background map of your choice.

The first function is linked to the display of a saved route. Only the open route is available for printing, and it hides the other routes present on the background map.
The print button is located at the top of the route detail.

As well as at the bottom:

The result is a print preview that contains:

  • the current route on the background map,
  • the altimetric profile,
  • general information,
  • the short description entered by the author

The second function is global, accessible from the side tool bar that lets you print all the routes displayed on the background map:

The result is a print preview that contains:

  • all the routes on the background map,
  • all the altimetric profiles if the routes are saved,

Reminder: printing is reserved for personal and private use.

Known bugs:

  • If the IGN layer opacity is not set at 100%, the background map may not appear in the printed copy. This will depend on the browser and the system used.

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