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Les Fêlés du Grand Colombier (Grand Maître)

Les Fêlés du Grand Colombier (Grand Maître)

Culoz Culoz
Created on 6/2/2014
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Discover this 136.9 km bike route near Culoz. It has a cumulative ascent of more than 5040m.

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      <p>1) Culoz : 18.3km ; D+: 1262m; %Moy: 6.89%; %Max:14%</p>

<p>2) Artemare : 15.9km; D+: 1251m; %Moy: 7.87%; %Max:22%</p>

<p>3) Anglefort : 15.7km; D+: 1251m; %Moy: 7.97%; %Max:14%</p>

<p>4) Champagne en Valmorey : 19.2km; D+: 1042m; %Moy:6.75% sur les 15 derniers km; %Max:14%</p>


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